Biggest victories in Test cricket history

The Test cricket is regarded highly by the most religious cricket fans across the world. There is always an appetite for information when it comes to numbers in Test cricket. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest victories in the Test cricket history.

By Michelle Payne

MELBOURNE, Jan. 28, 2012 ( – The Test cricket is full of amazing moments. All the cricket fans, who keenly observe the game of cricket, are fond of Test cricket. The data regarding the biggest victories in the history of Test matches always amaze the cricket lovers all across the globe equally.

It is always fun watching or observing the cricket’s greatness in the longest format. You play it on the bouncy pitches of Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. You also love it on the seemers-friendly grounds in England. You still can’t stop loving Test cricket on the slow pitches in the West Indies, India, or Pakistan. All in all, the format is never short to amaze its fans. You see fast bowlers drawing the first blood in most of the Test matches on day one, which is followed by a batsman’s reign on the next two days before spin bowlers come to their own on the final two days of the match.  The cricket is not cricket with Tests, and this is what makes this format one of the most loved ones among the community of cricket lovers.


New Zealand defeated Zimbabwe by a huge margin of an innings and 301 runs in the only Test match of their series on Saturday which is among the biggest Test victories ever. The New Zealand bowlers wrapped up Zimbabwean batters twice in less than a day as Zimbabwe couldn’t manage to give it a serious fight.


List of the biggest victories in Test cricket history

biggest victories in Test cricket history

biggest victories in Test cricket history


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