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Atlanta Hawks enter 10th straight NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs

The 2017 NBA is heading toward a power-packed post season and Atlanta Hawks have made sure yet again to be a part of the season finale for the 10th straight year.

By Lindy Rumer

ATLANTA, April 9, 2017 (SNN 24/7) – Atlanta Hawks stormed into their 10th straight post season on Saturday when Chicago Bulls lost to Brooklyn Nets in the latest NBA action.

Atlanta Hawks have the longest active postseason streak in the Eastern Conference, which is second only to San Antonio Spurs in the NBA history as they have made the playoffs 20 years in a row in the NBA Western Conference.

The Hawks gave their chances of post season qualification a world of good with imperious victories over the two best teams in the Eastern Conference on back-to-back nights. Their victories against Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers boosted their chances of making it into the NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs while the Saturday’s defeat to Chicago Bulls further confirmed it.

The fifth-placed Atlanta Hawks will again face the Eastern Conference leaders Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday.


Longest active playoff streaks    Years

San Antonio Spurs (20 seasons)     1998–2017

Atlanta Hawks (10 seasons) 2008–2017

Memphis Grizzlies (7 seasons)   2011–2017

Los Angeles Clippers (6 seasons)    2012–2017

Golden State Warriors (5 seasons)  2013–2017

Houston Rockets (5 seasons)     2013–2017

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