Liam Plunkett Ball Tampering against Pakistan

Will ICC Act on Liam Plunkett’s Ball Tampering Offence?

By Jawad Hussain

KARACHI, May 12, 2019 ( — The International Cricket Council (ICC) has long been boasting about its top standards to manage the “Gentlemen’s Game” of cricket, but it has proved shoddy against the offences made by the non-Asian teams.

The latest such incident occurred in the second One Day International between England and Pakistan at Southampton on Saturday when English all-rounder Liam Plunkett was caught on camera while doctoring the cricket ball.

The clip was aired multiple times during the match. The incident played a key role in the outcome of the match as Pakistan were cruising towards the massive target of 374 runs for a highly unlikely victory. The ball started to leave a tail in the last 10 overs of Pakistan’s run-chase which brought about several miss-hits by the Pakistani batsmen. It was astonishingly amazing to see the ball reversing on a lush green outfield at Southampton.

Before we could identify anything, the English all-rounder was caught live on camera while he was scratching the ball’s surface with his nails. It was nothing less than a clear proof. Nothing to argue about. English bowlers adopted the ploy to pitch the ball way outside the off-stump, near the wide-ball mark, and get away with it since the ball started to reverse swing and Pakistani batsman failed to even touch the ball on several occasions.

Plunkett Caught Live on TV

After watching all this on TV during the live game, we as cricket fans and experts were hoping that the International Cricket Council will come up and act against the culprits. However, I had to write this piece after the ICC refrained from doing anything about the bizarre incident after almost 24 hours of the ball-tampering offence.

The footage is available all over the social media which clearly shows how Plunket doctored with the cricket ball whereas you can also find images of the ball’s state after the tampering. One side of the ball was scratched to the extent that it had lost the skin.

Will ICC Act on Ball Tampering Offence?

The time is now for the International Cricket Council to act on the ball-tampering incident. Both Liam Plunkett and England captain Eoin Morgan should be made responsible for the act and severe punishment should be announced for hurting the spirit of cricket.

The game was set up nicely before the last 10 overs and English player’s bizarre act only turned a great game of cricket into a massive disappointment for cricket fans across the globe.

Will ICC Act on Liam Plunkett’s Ball-Tampering Offence? Only the time will tell.

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