Technology helps Gunners to draw at Old Trafford

By Hamad Hussain
KARACHI, September 30, 2019 ( – The much-awaited match of the season was ended in a draw with so much drama and some excellent skills. Manchester United failed to their 1-0 at Old Trafford as fortune favors the Gunners with the help of technology to score equalizer.

Scott McTominay scored his first goal at Old Trafford in the 45th minute of the match with brilliant right kick at the edge of a circle. The score remained 1-0 at half time as Manchester United was looking a better side than Arsenal with more energy and counter attacks.

However, fortune favors the Gunners as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 58th minute denied by line referee due to offside which was challenged by Arsenal. In a replay it was evident that Aubameyang was onside and referee changed the decision to goal.

It is unfortunate that Manchester United defenders were went relaxed after the flag which helped Aubameyang to complete the goal but this will remain debatable as people have different opinion.

Both teams failed to take decisive lead as match ended in 1-1 and Red Devils & Gunners have to settle for one point each. Manchester United are now struggling as they drop to 10 position on the points table with 9 points in 7 matches while Arsenal are still at number 4 with 12 points in 7 matches.

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