No Live Broadcast of Korean Derby in World Cup Qualifier 2022

By Hamad Hussain
KARACHI, October 15, 2019 ( – In the age of modern technology, it is hard to believe that when you listen about no live telecast of high voltage World Cup 2022 Qualifier match between North Korea and South Korea to be played on October 15 at Pyongyang, North Korea.

Yes. You read it right. There is this much anticipated match today between two Korean best soccer teams and fans from not only South & North Korea but also from all over the world won’t be able to see the live telecast.  

This news was confirmed by KBS, MBC and SBS; the three major terrestrial TV networks of South Korea in a joint statement issued on Monday. It is a shame that AFC is also not playing his part to put pressure on North Korea to broadcast this match live.

This is the first time that the South Korea world cup qualifier match will not broadcast live after March 1985 when South Korea visited Nepal to play a qualifier match when Nepal don’t have a technology to telecast match live. But North Korea is certainly not short of technology.

The star South Korean player Lee Jae-Sung was excited on facing North Korea at Pyongyang and said, “Every away match has its own unique atmosphere. This one’s no different. As players, we’re only focused on the game. Our only goal in this game is to win.

We had a video session today and will now work on our tactics in training. “They’re playing particularly well at home. It seems like the atmosphere within their team is positive. They deploy a 4-4-2 against every team and have dangerous attacking players. We’ll have to be prepared for their counterattacks.”

The match between North Korea and South Korea will start at 1:30pm PST.

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