SNN EXCLUSIVE: Farhan slams PSB for squash players selection without trials

By Nadira Mushtaque

Peshawar, October 27, 2019 ( – The former Asian Champion of squash Farhan Zaman has slammed Pakistan Sports Board for selecting of players without proper trials and homework in an exclusive talk with SNN247 in Peshawar.

Farhan, who achieved his career best ranking of 47 in 2017, has dropped in the international rankings. Farhan Zaman married last year and newly father to a baby girl. Talking about his rankings and current activities, he said; “my ranking is dropped as I was spending more time with my family in last one year or so. I married last year and now happy father to newly born baby girl. I played couple of tournaments in USA recently and now working on improve my ranking.”

On talking about PSB role in developing and nursing players, Farhan said; The role of Pakistan Sports Board is very critical and important. PSB should focus on players, their requirements, coaching, facilities which will eventually benefit the country.

Long term planning should be adopted for preparation and selection of players for any major event. Other countries planned way ahead for any major event and as South Asian Games is now just one month away, we don’t know the name of the players who will represent the country. Same happened in Squash as well where players were selected without proper trials.

There should be special packages for different players to improve their games. Special coaching, exposure, training and guidance will bring dividends for Pakistan Sports,” he concluded.

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