NBA: Cavaliers, 76ers win in Eastern Conference; Rockets clinch nail biter in Wester Conference

By Lindy Rumer

HOUSTON, October 31, 2019 ( – In week two on NBA season 2019-20, Houston Rockets won the nail biter against Washington Wizards by 159-158 with James Harden scored 59 points for Rockets in an important match of Western Conference played on Wednesday.

In other matches played on Wednesday night, Cleveland Cavaliers beat Chicago Bulls by 117-111.

Orlando Magic won against New York Knicks by 95-83. 

Philadelphia 76ers defeated Minnesota Timberwolves by 117-95.

Boston Celtics beat Milwaukee Bucks by 116-105.

Indiana Pacers beat Brooklyn Nets by 118-108.

Toronto Raptors defeated Detroit Pistons by 125-113.

Portland Trail Blazers won the nail biter against Oklahoma City Thunders by 102-99 thanks to 23 points by Damian Lillard while Chris Paul scored 21 points for Thunders.

LA Clippers lost to Utah Jazz by 96-110.

Charlotte Hornets defeated Sacramento Kings by 118-111 while Phoenix Suns beat Golden State Warriors by 121-110.


  1. Philadelphia 76ers         4 win    0 lost
  2. Toronto Raptors            4 win    1 lost
  3. Miami Heat                   3 win    1 lost
  4. Boston Celtics               3 win    1 lost
  5. Milwaukee Bucks          2 win    2 lost


  1. San Antonio Spurs        3 win    0 lost
  2. Utah Jazz                      4 win     1 lost
  3. Los Angeles Lakers       3 win    1 lost
  4. Dallas Mavericks           3 win    1 lost
  5. Denver Nuggets            3 win    1 lost

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