NBA: 76ers came back strongly to beat Trail Blazers, retain first spot on Eastern Conference

By Lindy Rumer

HOUSTON, November 3, 2019 ( – Philadelphia 76ers came from behind in third and fourth quarter to win nail biter against visitors Portland Trail Blazers by 129-128 played on Saturday night.

Al Horford was the start performer for 76ers with 25 points. Blazers were leading in Q1 and Q2 as score was 68-57 in favor of visitors. Damian Lillard was the leading striker for Blazers with 33 points.

76ers turned it around in Q3 and Q4 with 72-60 and secured eleven points in last and final quarter of the match. Ben Simmons scored 11 rebounds and 8 assists. 

Denver Nuggets won against Orlando Magic by 91-87. Jamal Murray scored 22 points for Nuggets while Nikola Vucevic scored 24 pints for Magic.

Oklahoma City Thunders beat New Orleans Pelicans by 115-104. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander scored 23 points for visitors while JJ Redick scored 17 points for Pelicans.

In other matches, Detroit Pistons won against host Brooklyn Nets by 113-109 with Andre Drummond scored 25 points for Pistons.

Minnesota Timberwolves defeated Washington Wizards by 131-109 with Andrew Wiggins scored 21 points for Timberwolves while Bradly Beal scored 30 for Wizards.

Phoenix Suns beat Memphis Grizzlies by 114-105. Devin Booker scored 21 for Suns while Ja Morant scored 24 points.

Milwaukee Bucks defeated home team Toronto Raptors by 115-105. Kyle Lowry for Raptors and Giannis Antetokounmpo for Bucks scored 36 points each.

Charlotte Hornets won against Golden State Warriors by 93-87. Dwayne Bacon for Hornets and Eric Paschall for Warriors scored 25 points each.


  1. Philadelphia 76ers                     5 win    0 lost
  2. Miami Heat                               4 win    1 lost
  3. Boston Celtics                           4 win    1 lost
  4. Milwaukee Bucks                      4 win    2 lost
  5. Toronto Raptors                        4 win    2 lost


  1. Los Angeles Lakers                   4 win    1 lost
  2. San Antonio Spurs                    4 win     1 lost
  3. Minnesota Timberwolves        4 win    1 lost
  4. Utah Jazz                                 4 win    2 lost
  5. Denver Nuggets                        4 win    2 lost

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