NBA: Lakers clinch nail biter against Kings to retain top spot

By Lindy Rumer

BOSTON, November 16, 2019 ( – Lebron James helped Los Angeles Lakers clinched the cliff hanger against Sacramento Kings by 99-97 in Western Conference as they retained the top spot in the points table.

Kings started off very well as they won the first quarter convincingly by 30-20. Lakers bounced back in the second quarter thanks to their star Lebron James who scored 29 points in the match as they won the quarter by 29-20.

Lakers continued the momentum in the third quarter as they won the quarter by 25-21 while they survived the final quarter as they denied Kings big lead and Lakers won the match by 99-97.

Boston Celtics continued their winning streak in the Eastern Conference as they defeated Golden State Warriors by 105-100 after losing the first quarter by 32-23.

Celtics bounced back in the second quarter thanks to Jayson Tatum as they won the quarter by 29-19 and continued the momentum in the third quarter to win it by 21-20.

Golden State Warriors tried hard in the last quarter but it was remained even-steven as the quarter ended with 29-29. Alec Burks scored 20 points for Warriors while Jayson Tatum scored 24 points for Celtics.

Charlotte Hornets beat Detroit Pistons by 109-106 thanks to Langston Galloway who scored 32 points in the match.

Orlando Magic won the nail biter against San Antonio Spurs by 111-109 thanks to their star performer Evan Fournier who scored 26 points for Magic while DeMar DeRozan scored 21 points for Spurs.

Houston Rockets defeated Indiana Pacers by 111-102 as James Harden single handedly won it for Rockets as he scored 44 points.

Memphis Grizzles won the nail biter against Utah Jazz by 107-106. Ja Morant scored 25 points for Grizzles while Donovan Mitchell scored 29 points for Jazz.

Washington Wizards won convincingly against Minnesota Timberwolves by 137-116 thanks to Bradley Beal as he scored 44 points for Wizards. Karl Anthony scored 36 points for Timberwolves.

Oklahoma City Thunders defeated Philadelphia 76ers by 127-119 in the Overtime as the scored was tied at the end of fourth quarter with 107-107. Thunders won in the overtime with 20-12. Danilo Gallinari scored 28 points for Thunders while Joel Embiid scored 31 points for 76ers.


  1. Boston Celtics                           10 win   1 lost
  2. Miami Heat                                 8 win   3 lost
  3. Milwaukee Bucks                        8 win   3 lost
  4. Toronto Raptors                          8 win   3 lost
  5. Philadelphia 76ers                       7 win   5 lost


  1. Los Angeles Lakers                   10 win   2 lost
  2. Houston Rockets                         9 win   3 lost
  3. Denver Nuggets                          8 win   3 lost
  4. Utah Jazz                                    8 win   4 lost
  5. Phoenix Suns                              7 win   4 lost

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