Kawhi Leonard

NBA: Leonard, Harrell help Los Angeles Clippers beat Memphis Grizzlies by 124-94

Kawhi Leonard and Montrezl Harrell guided Los Angeles Clippers to a comfortable win over Memphis Grizzlies on Monday night at Staples Center.

Clippers were on top of their game right from the first quarter as they scored 40 points while Grizzlies only managed to score 14. Clippers finished the second quarter with a score of 26-23 in their favor.

Grizzlies bounced back in the third quarter with 29-24 but it was too late as they never recover the loss of first quarter. Clippers took the fourth quarter by 34-31 and won the match easily by 124-94.

Kawhi Leonard scored 25 points while Montrezl Harrell scored 22 points for Clippers. Ja Morant scored 16 points for Memphis Grizzlies. LA Clippers are at third place Western Conference points table behind Los Angeles Lakers and Denver Nuggets with 38 wins while Memphis Grizzlies are at 8th spot with 28 victories.

On Tuesday Matches, Los Angeles Lakers will take on New Orleans Pelicans in their backyard while Oklahoma City Thunder will host Chicago Bulls. Charlotte Hornets will meet Indiana Pacers and Toronto Raptors will face Milwaukee Bucks.

Detriot Pistons will host Denver Nuggets while Portland Trail Blazers will visit Boston to face Celtics. Sacramento Kings will meet Golden State Warriors in the last match on Tuesday night.


  1. Milwaukee Bucks                                  49 wins
  2. Toronto Raptors                                    42 wins
  3. Boston Celtics                                       39 wins
  4. Miami Heat                                            36 wins
  5. Philadelphia 76ers                                 36 wins


  1. Los Angeles Lakers                               43 wins
  2. Denver Nuggets                                    39 wins
  3. Los Angeles Clippers                             38 wins
  4. Houston Rockets                                   37 wins
  5. Utah Jazz                                              36 wins

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