Bundesliga 2020 COVID19

Bundesliga all set for a restart

BERLIN, Germany, May 5, 2020 (SNN247.com) – German soccer league Bundesliga may become the first sports league to return to life after the novel coronavirus put an end to global sports festivities.

According to the sources, Bundesliga may return to action from May 15 as the European country is making a move to return to normalcy.

Global Pandemic Affects Bundesliga

More than 166 thousand people have been affected by COVID19 in Germany by May 5, 2020. Out of these 166k affected Germans, 128k have recovered but 6,993 people lost their lives to the pandemic. As many as 3.62 million people have been affected by the novel coronavirus by May 5 and the tally is continuing to rise as more than 253 thousand people have lost their lives to-date.

Amid a global lockdown, Germany also shut down all the sports activities in the country. However, two people who are familiar with the preparations, informed Reuters on Tuesday that German soccer authorities are planning to push the restart button on Bundesliga from May 15.

Finally, Light at the End of the Tunnel

This would make Bundesliga the first of the five major European soccer leagues to return to action after COVID-19 put the European soccer action to a halt in mid-March.

In this regard, a crucial teleconference has been scheduled with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday. It would be officially decided in the teleconference whether to resume Bundesliga. It is highly likely that Bundesliga will return to action from May 15 but in absence of soccer fans in stadiums. Further SOPs will also come under discussion in the teleconference with the German Chancellor on Wednesday.

Apart from Germany, Portugal, Hungary, and Poland have also announced dates for the resumption of their soccer leagues. All of these three European countries will restart soccer action at the end of May.

Bundesliga Teams Start Training

German Bundesliga teams have already started preparing and training for the upcoming season since April. The players are practicing under stern conditions, which also include extensive testing of all stakeholders.

The sources further informed that the German Football League (DFL) has submitted a health safety plan, which includes games without fans, regular testing of players and officials. However, the plan doesn’t advocate quarantines for the whole squad in cases of positive tests for any of the players or officials.

The DFL said on Monday that it has recorded 10 COVID10 positive cases in a blanket test of around 1,700 players and officials at its first and second division clubs. Another round of COVID19 tests is scheduled for the next week.

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