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Sir Don Bradman vs Sachin Tendulkar

Who is the Biggest Cricket Legend of All Time?

By Adrian MeredithIt has always been a hot discussion that who is the biggest cricket legend of all time, Sir Don Bradman or Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Our Australian...

Lance Amrstrong

Lance Armstrong: Once a Legend, now a Cheat!

By Adrian Meredith MELBOURNE, Australia (TheSportsNEXT) October 23, 2012: I am not going to preface this by saying “drug cheat” or anything like that...

Sir Donald Bradman

What If Sir Don Bradman was Alive Today?

By Adrian Meredith VICTORIA, Australia (TheSportsNext) August 28, 2012: There has been a lot of debate, especially in India, as to whether Don Bradman would be any...

Sir Donald Bradman

Know It All About Sir Donald Bradman

Monitoring Desk SYDNEY, Australia (TheSportsNext) August 27, 2012: The Australian newspaper Herald Sun recently published over a hundred points spanning...

Biggest victories in Test cricket history

The Test cricket is regarded highly by the most religious cricket fans across the world. There is always an appetite for information when it comes to numbers in Test...

Ross Taylor - 2011 ICC World Cup

Is 2011 ICC World Cup affected by fixing?

Can you smell the rat in the 2011 ICC World Cup matches? The only consistent thing is its non-consistency, especially in bizarre signals by players.